Dear TSA: Breastfeeding moms are not terrorists

There’s some bullshit going on at the airport and I’m not talking about body scanners. According to The Stir, the TSA has hit new lows in harassing breastfeeding women. While traveling home to her 7-month-old son, Stacey Armato was not just stopped and asked about the pumped breastmilk she had, she was downright bullied. As many breastfeeding women know, you have to be prepared when heading to the airport. It’s best to familiarize yourself with TSA rules:

Mothers flying with, and now without, their child will be permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces as long as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint.Breast milk is in the same category as liquid medications. Now, a mother flying without her child will be able to bring breast milk through the checkpoint, provided it is declared prior to screening.

And it’s often best to take a copy of the rules along with you — as Armato did — just in case you need to educate the TSA agents harassing you. Not that it helped Armato, who was clearly in the right, following the law and was needlessly harassed to such a degree that her breastmilk was tainted and she was delayed so long she missed her flight!

This is absolutely ridiculous! If the TSA/Homeland Security standards are there to protect us from terrorist, then why are the agents wasting precious time and resources on a breastfeeding mom trying to get home to her baby? Why are they making breastfeeding women feel like criminals? And why on earth would anyone want to come between a baby and her/his milk?

Here’s the video (edited by TSA before they released it to Armato) of the incident:

* Originally posted on The Tired Feminist

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