Skewed sister act

Have you seen the new Sharron Angle ad? It’s the one where a line-up of white women tell the camera that Angle represents their anti-choice agenda. Well isn’t that special.

I guess the idea behind the ad is to tap into the cliched sisterhood of women. After all, the white women in the ad are talking straight to me. Sister to sister. Girl talk. …Yeah, I get it. Sigh.

So which rant should I start first? The one about stereotyping all women as the same? The media myth of sisterhood? The sexist “logic” that women should vote for women, because of the vaginas? Or, the elephant in the room — that was an antichoice ad!

You know what? I’m tired. I don’t have time for this bullshit. I’ve got a growing baby to take care of. That’s right. I’m a mom, a wife, a college-educated Christian who’s prochoice. And I vote. (In fact, I’ve only missed one election and that’s when my baby was born and I was in the hospital.) I’m everything you hate. Ms. Angle, you can take your sexist, anti-choice (and vaguely racist — only white people?) ad and shove it. I’m sick of you, your politics, your scary ideas and your “juice.” Just go away.

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