What is your “pro”?

Have you taken your photo for The Sin City Siren Vagina Monologues photo contest, yet? The winner will receive two free tickets to one of the local productions this Friday or Saturday.

Need some inspiration?

How about this pic from my childhood friend Monika Thomas, who hosts Sexploration with Monika Thomas out of San Francisco every Friday night on FCC Free Radio. You want feminist, sex-positive, LGBT-positive, love-positive talk-radio? Ms. Monika’s show is it! (And don’t worry, she’s not your competition. She just wanted to show her support for a violence-free world.)

So what are you waiting for? Show me what you are pro!

(See below for the rules.)

And just in case you need them again, here’s the directions for the contest, which ends at noon on Thursday:

1. Download/print the “I am anti sexual violence and pro” flag. Or make your own! As long as it has the words, “I am anti sexual violence and pro …” it is cool with me!

2. Write your “pro” (could be kittens, the erotic heritage museum, pink hair … be creative)

3. Take a picture with your flag!

4. E-mail me your photo (include some form of contact information so I can reach you if you win!). E-mail to: thesincitysiren[at]yahoo.com (put in “@” symbol instead of [at])

5. Bonus points: E-mail your photo to outreach@ncasv.org! (You have to tell me if you do this or I won’t know.)

6. Spread the word and get more people taking fabulous images to remind us why we work to end the violence!

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