Pro-choice and pregnant!

My dear Sin City Siren readers, I have been keeping a secret from you for some weeks, and yes, it is partly why I have been a bit too busy and distracted for blogging. I am pregnant! I’m just moving out of the first trimester this week.

This is a planned pregnancy. (Indeed, I got pregnant within one month of going off the pill!) My husband, of 12 years, and I are so excited about becoming parents for the first time!

I may tire a bit easily these days, but don’t worry, I’m still the feisty, feminist you know and love! And I’m still very much pro-reproductive-choices, pro-sex-education, pro-equality in health care and all that good stuff!

One thing I can already feel is that some of the issues I have always cared about have taken on new meaning. I have known pro-choice women who changed their mind after becoming pregnant. But for me, it has made me feel all the more resolved that I don’t ever want someone to tell me what I can and can’t do regarding my uterus, my health, my body and my family planning.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons for me to remain pro-choice and to fight for everyone to have equal access to good health care and good reproductive health options (including contraceptives and abortion). In my life, I have been lucky to always have access to affordable birth control. But plenty of women — even married, working women with children — don’t.

I believe that if you have abundance and good fortune in your life, then it is important to help those who don’t. Because I have always had access to birth control, I fight for those who don’t. Because I received quality sex education in my school system when I was growing up, I fight for it to be in schools now. Because I never had to be in a position where I had to consider having an abortion (because of my access to birth control and affordable health care), I fight for those who don’t have access or who are in danger of having it taken away.

And I fight because I want a better world for my future child and all the children (of friends and relatives) whom I know.

2 thoughts on “Pro-choice and pregnant!

  1. Alright! I agree with you on this. I once had a pregnant friend bemoan us pro-choice women, commenting that we’ll change once we have a life growing inside us. I guess many do. But just because you love the experience, and planned for it and have the money for it, doesn’t mean we should make that choice for another woman.
    Congrats on your baby!

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