Help me Feminist Community, you’re my only hope!

So, as you might have noticed, things have been a little slow around The Siren lately. The truth is, I’m damn busy. And — as I’ve done in the past — I’m thinking it’s time to bring in some fresh blood off the bench. Oh wait, I’m a one-woman operation (unless you count my cat, but she doesn’t have oposable thumbs). And I forgot, I don’t even have a bench!

But this is where you, my lovelies, come in … I’m looking for one (or more) fabulous feminists out there who want to help out at The Siren. Let me say up front: There’s no pay. (Hate to say it, but running The Siren is a labor of love and love isn’t bankable.) But there’s lots and lots of glorious praise and the adoration of Siren readers everywhere! (And we’re international, baby!)

You don’t have to be a published writer, journalist or other kind of professional type. What I want is someone who is passionate about The Siren’s core issues (pro choice, pro equality, environmentalista, media critic, etc.). We don’t have to agree on everything. (I’m a benevolent dictator.) However, if it takes me longer to edit your work than it would for me to write something myself … well … you get the point.

And I welcome collaborations with other bloggers (hint, hint)!

If you’re interested, simply leave your info in a comment or contact me via e-mail: thesincitysiren[at]

Help me Feminist Community, you’re my only hope!

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