The Community Strikes Back

Downtown Vegasites are pissed at Mindy Kaling (of The Office) and they’re going to “swarm” Luv It’s Frozen Custard (behind All Star Donuts on LV Blvd. and Oakey). You see, Kaling told the tale of having a sketchy experience at Luv It’s after going there on late night Talk Show Host Craig Ferguson’s recommendation (see youtube clip from last post).

Kaling liked the custard but she hated the neighborhood. Now DT folks are up-in-arms that an out-of-towner can be so blind to downtown’s … uh … charms. I thought the bit on Ferguson’s show was funny (and totally set up). And I think downtown is sketchy. (I work downtown.) So what? Different flavors for different folks. No big deal. But if you feel like eating custard, stretching your legs or having some DT pride, well, get your ass down to Naked City tonight.

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