Grab bag

There’s a lot of stuff going on:

  • Don’t let conservatives hurt women’s health care choices in the health care reform package. Sign Planned Parenthood’s letter to Congress.
  • Nevada is a “distressed” state with the second fastest growing number of people on food stamps (now 11 percent of population, with another 11 percent qualifying but not applying), record foreclosures, record job losses, more kids on Medicaid and the highest unemployment rate (12 percent) in state history.
  • There’s a health care rally at noon tomorrow (Thurs) in front of the Lloyd/George Federal Bldg. The e-mail I got from MoveOn says it’s in Henderson, but this post on the CityLife blog says it’s downtown LV. Anyone know which is right?
  • Confused about the new domestic partnership law (going into effect Oct. 1)? Head down to The Center (953 E. Sahara) for an open forum at 6 p.m. on July 28.
  • Did you know that we are one of only 13 countries who ban HIV-positive people from entering the US? You can sign a petition saying you’re against that.

One thought on “Grab bag

  1. At this point, conservatives are pretty much saying not only do they want to sink health care reform, they also want to take away private health insurance benefits (for abortion care) that over 80% of (insured) women have today.

    People need to speak up if they’re concerned!

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