Girls on film

So let’s talk about the Erin Andrews thing, shall we? In case you didn’t hear, ESPN sports-journalist Erin Andrews was the victim of video voyeurism — in which the perpetrator(s) video-taped her while she was undressed in her hotel room. It’s a scary twist in what is already a challenging career for women. But even if you’re not a sports-caster, it’s hard to be a female journalist, athlete or even a female blogger in what is often considered — and the boys’ club continues to reinforce — a man’s world.

Let’s face it: The misogyny of the establishment reacts violently to the women who step out of line. And what could be considered more out-of-line than a strong, independent, intelligent woman attaining any level of success in arenas considered the sole-province of men?

It’s not enough that women have to be conventionally pretty, thin, appropriately humble toward their mail male colleagues (because we wouldn’t want to emasculate them, now would we?), and on and on … but on top of it, successful women in these kinds of public fields have to worry about the added threats to their person!

What really burns me about this is that the attack has a two-fold effect. The immediate effect is, of course, that the victim has to process what has happened to her and then gain the internal strength to overcome it and carry on. But the back-handed effect is that it serves to smack-down the zeal of little girls or young women who might be aspiring to similar territory.

Well, I say Fuck You to those jerks!

3 thoughts on “Girls on film

  1. Slow down there, Turbo. While what happened to Andrews is unquestionably disgusting, what does it have to do with her stepping out of line or somehow punishing her? She might be the highest profile female sports reporter, but women have been covering sports for decades. Leslie Visser and Linda Cohn were doing it 30 years ago. If guys waving their dicks at women in the locker room didn’t scare girls off from sports reporting this won’t either.

    Erin Andrews wasn’t targeted (Assuming she was targeted at all. There’s some evidence that the video has been around for months but no one realized it was her.) for breaking into a boys’ club. She was targeted for being 1) pretty and 2) famous.

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