“Food Inc” opening in Vegas July 3

I was contacted by Magnolia Pictures about this movie, Food Inc, a documentary about the food industry in America. I watched the trailer and I am very interested. Perhaps you are, too. It opens at Village Square on July 3.

If the movie is anything like the website and trailer, this movie really follows my philosophy of “voting with your dollars,” which we don’t give enough credit to in our capitalist society. Let’s face it, companies want to make money. If we stop supporting businesses, business practices and products that don’t align with our values, they will change to give us what we want (in order to make money). It’s really as simple as that.

Stop shopping at businesses, like Walmart, that you know violate labor policies, environmental laws and more.

Stop buying food that is loaded with pesticides, artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup and more that contribute to obesity, immune disorders and more. (And help address the correlation between poverty and obesity — because high-calorie, processed foods are often “cheaper” than healthy foods.)

Stop buying food and goods that contributes directly to the suffering of women and children in other countries.

We can make a difference! Money talks!

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