GOP Heteros: Keeping marriage “sacred” (and classy)

Well, well, well. What news do we have here? Why it’s that GOP Sen. John Ensign has admitted to having an affair on his wife. (What’s that sound? Oh, his 2012 presidential hopes going down the drain.) You know what gets The Siren really steaming mad? Fucktard politicians who campaign on “family values” and “keeping marriage sacred” who turn out to be adulterous douche-bags!

So if you’re keeping track at home, that makes TWO Republican douche-bags here in Nevada who have campaigned on the “sanctity of marriage” issue (because everyone knows that gays are godless, family-hating, abortion-providers) who have been outed as lying liars. At least on the keeping marriage sacred deal. Gov. Gibbons, who was in Congress for many moons, is in the process of getting a divorce (and somehow she got to kick him out of the governor’s mansion!) after it was discovered that he had texted his mistress more than 850 times from his government-owned cell phone. (Classy!) Now Ensign, one of our long-time senators, is a cheater, too.

I am getting ready to celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary next week. So with that on my mind and the SB283 celebration coming up next week, I’ve been thinking about what makes a family and a marriage lately. I am very happily married and I enjoy being married. And I think it’s wrong that we have to create something separate for LGBT families. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that we are going to have a domestic partnership registry. It’s a big and good step. But there is something about it that is “separate but equal.” You know? It’s the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter of sort-of marriage. And the whole thing centers around this idea that if my gay friends or family members got married, that their marriage would somehow weaken or hurt the sacredness of my marriage. That’s just bullshit, and we all know it.

You know what weakens my marriage? When people who can get married treat the institution of marriage like shit. For instance, when married people cheat on each other. (Now, if you have an open marriage, that’s a different thing. But I’m pretty sure Ensign and Gibbons don’t.) Or, when domestic violence protection laws are so weak that married victims have to go back to their abusers. Another example would be Brittany Spears’ 55-hour marriage. Those are the kinds of things that piss me off and make me feel like people aren’t treating marriage with the right respect!

But you know what doesn’t hurt the “sanctity” of my marriage one bit? My best friend wanting to marry the love of his life. Anytime two people who are in love and want to be committed to each other in a respectful union want to be married, that lifts the institution up! It’s about creating a family — and by that I don’t mean procreating. Because when you get married to someone, you are in essence, creating a new family unit of two. You may decide to expand from there or keep it at two, that’s your business. But it is a family unit.

So, I guess you could say that marriage is a family value to me. But not the kind that the GOP wants to ram down my throat, especially if that includes adultery. Just like hate, adultery is not a family value.

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