Good-bye 2009 Legislative Session!

It’s been a wild, bumpy ride, but somehow we’ve made it to the other side of another session of the Nevada Legislature!

A LOT went down this session — from the failed Equal Rights Amendment (boo) to the tax budget fuckery to overriding the Govtard’s veto of the Domestic Partnership bill (hurray!) — and amazingly it is the first session in recent times to NOT go into Special Session! Kudos NV Legislature for not wasting tax-payer money on a special session and for trying to stop the madness of Govtard! In fact, another thank-you goes to the Legislature for handing GW Jr. — the governor who in this session used veto power more than any other Nevada governor in state history, a record 41 times — his ass many, many times over as they voted again, and again, and again (25 times, to be exact) to override ignorance and bigotry.

But I guess a little piece of me is still back in Hawaii, because I can’t stop thinking about the Honolulu Weekly‘s own legislative wrap-up piece last week.

Substitute the names and places and it could have been here:

  • “The biggest disappointment was the legislature’s — and specifically the senate’s — failure to pass civil unions,” said Sen. Les Ihara, Jr. (Thankfully Nevada’s legislators voted for equality, even if it was at the 11th hour.)
  • “The biggest disappointment for me was having no clear direction from the administration as to how to balance an unprecedented $2 billion budget shortfall. To make matters worse, the governor made a spectacle of vetoing our proposals that attempted to balance the budget, but that’s politics, I guess,” said Rep. Joe Manahan. (Sounds familiar, Joe.)
  • “SB1673 reinvents the Hawai’i Health System, making it financially more stable and able to better provide services for Hawai’i’s people, especially in rural areas,” said Sen. Josh Green. (I wonder what that’s like?)
  • “I believe the passage of HB 994 was the most important economic development issue of this session … This measure will assist in developing a space tourism industry in Hawai’i within five years,” said Sen. Will Espero. (Uh, I didn’t know Nevada’s own eccentric-billionaire space-entrepreneur Robert Bigelow led a double-life as a Hawaiian state senator.)
  • “I introduced a bill to help local farmers be able to provide locally grown produce to our hotels,” Rep. Joey Manahan said. (Wow!)

Okay, so there’s a lot more distance between Nevada and Hawaii than just miles. But it’s interesting to see how other states, particularly states heavily dependent on tourist revenue, are handling the economic downturn and dealing with issues like civil unions, clean energy, healthcare and all the rest.

Here’s hoping for a smoother ride in 2011.

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