NWL on domestic partnership vote

Nevada Women’s Lobby Celebrates Domestic Partnerships in Nevada

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Yesterday was a historic day for Nevada.  In a closely watched vote, the Nevada Senate and Assembly voted to override the Governor’s veto of SB 283.  The vote was 14-9 in the Senate and 28-14 in the Assembly, with Republicans and Democrats casting affirmative votes.

SB 283 is a great step forward in recognizing the intrinsic value of all loving and committed relationships and in honoring Nevada families.  The bill creates a domestic partnership registry whereby couples can register and attain rights formerly reserved for heterosexual married couples.

“The passage of SB 283 is a great step forward towards honoring the loving and committed relationships of many Nevadans and their families.  The fight for 283 was a labor of love, with bipartisan legislative support, and the tireless efforts of numerous community organizations and individuals.  Nevada Women’s Lobby is excited to be standing with the many people who truly made this a group effort,” added NWL lobbyist, Julianna Ormsby.

“This is an historic day for all Nevadans, as their representatives have taken a huge step for fairness and equality for all loving couples,” said Lee Rowland, Northern Coordinator at the ACLU of Nevada. “We applaud the Legislature for granting all couples the fundamental right to organize their own fiscal and family affairs with dignity.”

PLAN Lobbyist Jan Gilbert agreed, saying, “The only way for our State to treat its citizens is as equals under the law. This will go a long way in helping Nevada’s families. This was a resounding rejection of the Governor’s intolerance and a bright spot in a difficult legislative session. We know that each and every day same-sex couples are harmed when our government tells them that their families don’t count and today this will no longer be the case in Nevada.”

Founded in 1989, the Nevada Women’s Lobby was created to promote equity for women and children. The statewide 501(c)4 organization specifically works on issues related to health care, education and reproductive choice, among others. For more information about the Lobby go to www.nevadawomenslobby.org.

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