Happy Anniversary to The Sin City Siren!

It started with a simple question: Why isn’t there a feminist blog in Las Vegas? And I waited and waited. I read Feministing and Broadsheet every day and I kept wishing there was something on the local level, just like that. And I waited and I waited. And finally, I decided that nobody was going to do it so I was going to do it.

When I wrote my first post, balancing an old keyboard on my lap while sitting at a broken desk in my guest room, I was sure that this pet project of mine was going to be a big flop. Why on earth would anyone care to read my thoughts on feminism, Las Vegas or anything else?

But for some reason, you like this thing. I have no idea why. But I’m grateful to you, my faithful readers. You renewed my faith in humanity and the community of Las Vegas when you embraced, celebrated and showed up for my first event (which was only two months after I created this blog!). Remember the Fag Bug? You have lifted me up when I was facing the brutality of cancer in my family. You’ve validated and supported my world-view about giving back, especially at Christmas. And perhaps most importantly for me, this has been a place where I have been reminded that I can kick a little ass every now and then.

Perhaps what I am most proud of is the connections and community that I have from the blog (and hopefully you do, too). I love that there have been a variety of voices on the blog and some incredible guest posts among them Annette Magnus of Planned Parenthood, Nevada Women’s Lobby Lobbyist Julianna Ormsby, and gay activist father (and my best friend) Joshua Todd. And how could I forget the talented Natalie Everett, who has not only been a frequent poster but took over for a while when I was spending time with family during my father-in-law’s illness? Her post An Eco-Feminist Take on the Rag is still one of my most popular! I’m working to bring even more great guest posters this year (let me know if you are interested).

And speaking of popular … Have you ever wondered which Siren posts have gotten the most hits? (It’s never the ones I expect.)

A great thing that’s happened since I started this blog is that I have seen the growth of feminist blogs in Las Vegas such as Neon Feminism and Young Nevadan. If there are more out there, I want to know! I’m all about supporting the community and helping it grow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone of my readers, supporters and behind-the-scenes team! You make me want to be a better blogger and make this blog a better space for you! I’ll continue to hustle this thing along, if you promise to keep coming back, spreading the love and every now and again posting a comment (or two).

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