Well … how am I doing so far?

No doubt you’ve been noticing my tweaking around The Siren’s layout and specs over the past few days. (Many, many thanks to all those who are contributing behind the scenes with your wonderful advice and skills.) It’s evolving. And I’m curious about your thoughts on my progress so far.

Let me point a few things out:

  • I have my own new banner with the blog’s name and brand-new tagline up top. (Do you feel seduced, yet?) This is more of a rough-sketch of the final version, but you get the idea.
  • I’m developing a cleaner layout that I hope is easier to read. (Yes, no?)
  • I put the blogroll (links) on a diet. Less fuss, more utility. And I put an emphasis on it being locally based.

So let me hear it. I’m still going to be tinkering for another couple days in preparation for The Siren’s two-year anniversary. (I believe the traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. But I will accept effusive praise.)

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