Domestic Partnership NEEDS to happen: Support SB283

Unfortunately, here in Nevada we have a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as that between a man and woman, so we’ll be stuck in the dark ages as other states (since when is Iowa considered progressive?) pass us by. But the one thing we CAN and MUST do is urge our Legislature to support SB283, the Domestic Partnership bill.

The time is NOW!

Here’s some info from The Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada:

This week, the Nevada State Senate will vote on SB 283, a bill to create a Domestic Partnership registration in Nevada.  This bill will give GLBT couples the legal recognition and protections they need to make health care decisions for each other, own homes together, inheritance protection and more.  Below you will find a link to the Nevada Legislature’s website where you can share your support for this bill with senators.  Please take a moment now to click on the link below and make your opinion count and your voice heard.SB 283: Revises provisions governing the rights of domestic partners.
AN ACT relating to domestic relations; providing for the registration and dissolution of domestic partnerships in the State of Nevada; setting forth the rights and responsibilities attendant to such partnerships; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

One thought on “Domestic Partnership NEEDS to happen: Support SB283

  1. SB 283 is important to many who reside in this State Of Nevada.
    This is not a religious issue about what marriage is or is not.

    This is a legal issue about Protection of the Rights of Citizens.
    It has everything to do with health, property, and family issues.
    Lets come out of the dark ages and begin to recognize that consenting individuals have rights too.

    Please support SB283. Our State is lagging behind in recognizing Domestic Partner Issues.

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