Intense ERA Opposition

We only need three more states for the necessary majority (38 states) to ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment. Nevada has the opportunity to be one of those three as legislation has been introduced.

At the hearing last week the opposition came out hard and in numbers. But the history of the ERA in Nevada has always been a contentious one. We can’t let that stop progress!

You can still submit your opinion on the bill by clicking here:

FYI: Great info about ERA – History – the Three State Strategy – Debunking Myths – on these sites:

Why We Need the Equal Rights Amendment:


* Ellen Koivisto – 775-684-8597
* Harry Mortenson – 775-684-8803
* Marcus Conklin – 775-684-8505
* William Horne – 775-684-8847
* Ruben Kihuen – 775-684-8553
* Harvey Munford – 775-684-8545
* James Ohrenschall – 775-684-8819 johrenschall@asm.state.nv.

* Tick Segerblom – 775-684-8549
* Debbie Smith – 775-684-8841
* Ty Cobb – 775-684-8848
* Heidi Gansert – 775-684-8837
* John Hambrick – 775-684-8827
* James Settelmeyer – 775-684-8843

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3 thoughts on “Intense ERA Opposition

  1. Without the ERA, women only have one guaranteed right under the Constitution, and that is the right to vote. Every other gain women have achieved over the years can be wiped out without the ERA ensuring women’s rights.

  2. It’s been 86 years since Alice Paul first introduced the ERA. Don’t you think it’s past time for our country to recognize all our citizens equally?

  3. It took 144 years for women to get the right to vote and it will probably take that long to get a Constitutional guarantee of equality with ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    We need the ERA to have law makers and judges to take discrimination on account of sex as seriously as they now take discrimination on account of race.

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