The In-box

Things I don’t want to completely ignore:

  • The Nevada Women’s Lobby (of which I am a steering committee member) has been working to support ACR5, a bill calling for an interim study on the state of incarcerated women in Nevada.
  • President Obama has started the process to overturn Bush’s misogynistic plot to devalue women’s health care (you might recall that late in his term he pushed through a rule that limited the information doctors could give women about their reproductive health and health care options, including birth control and family planning). Part of the process is a 30-day public comment period. Don’t let the anti-choice folks be the only one’s with a voice! You can contribute your thoughts here.
  • The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities new Poverty Report predicts the recession will result in not only an increase in those living below the poverty line but an increase in those who live under half the poverty line (as in they make half as much as the poverty line, or less).
  • You too can sign on to Health Care Wanted.
  • There’s a free webinar tomorrow about the economy and how it will effect things like education.
  • The Women’s Research Institute is now accepting applications to their NEW Leadership program. It’s very cool.
  • Take a stand against the outrageous tactics by the credit card companies — increasing rates, lowering limits without notification, increased fees and more. Sign the petition. (It really does go to Congress. Rep. Titus already wrote me back.)
  • Like travel blogs? Here’s a travel blog from an Alaskan I know.
  • Speaking of the international world, how did you spend your International Women’s Day?
  • The Center has announced its call to artists for the 6th annual Pride Show on April 25. Go to their website for application and details.

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