Rock out for Roe

Did you know that the Roe v Wade decision is 36 years old this year? That’s something to celebrate!

Planned Parenthood has organized a Rock for Roe event from 7-10 p.m. on Jan. 24 at Jackson’s Bar and Grill, 6020 W. Flamingo Road. Includes entertainment from local bands as well as information from local orgs. $5 donation to Planned Parenthood encouraged at door.

** Are you a local band, poet or artist and want to get involved? Contact Annette Magnus at

2 thoughts on “Rock out for Roe

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  2. I am FULLY AGAINST ABORTIONS and WISH the Roe vs. Wade never would have made it legal to murder an innocent human being. If people dont want kids then they should simply not have sex or take every precaution available, and if they do become pregnant still then have the baby to full term, then give it up for adoption.

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