It’s all so depressing

I’m feeling rather uninspired lately. Why bother? Everything just feels shitty.

Is it the shitty economy? In particular, is it the bleak outlook for Las Vegas’ (and vicariously Nevada’s) economy? Is it hulking, half-finished, man-eating City Center blotting out the sun? Is it post-holiday humdrum? Is it this dastardly cold that is camping in my sinuses? Maybe it’s the intractable, fatality-filled hatred that grips Israel and the surrounding Middle East in a never-ending fury. Sigh. Meanwhile, we’re closing hospital departments (knowing that people will die) and denying baths for the house-bound infirm because there’s no money.

Maybe it’s all this chest-thumping stupidity and hurry-up-and-wait that is surrounding Inauguration Day. I want Obama already! He’s got an economic stimulus package, which he’s already delivered to Congress to deliberate, debate and take action on. In most books that’d be over-achieving — handing in a major report BEFORE your first day of work. But Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and others are doing all they can to complain for the next two weeks, blowing the early head-start Obama is giving them by offering his econ package early. But I don’t wanna vote on this package in your first days of office! There’d be no time to debate it. What are the next two weeks, you assholes? Be happy you have a job!

In fact, is it just my imagination or has the usually mild-mannered (to the point of snore-inducing) Reid gone off his pills and naptime regimine this week? Sunday he was called a racist after it came out that he poo-poo-ed all of Blagojevich’s senetorial replacement choices who were black. Also on Sunday, he appeared (unusually) animated on Meet the Press as he continued his uncharacteristically over-the-top stump that President Bush is the “worst president” ever. (Uh, we won the election, no need to beat a dead horse.) But on Tuesday Reid was quick to say that “we’re all in this together” to his GOP colleagues on the first day of the session. (Wah? When you win, you don’t have to go back and kiss their boo-boos.) And yesterday, in his interview in The Hill, Reid says he “doesn’t work for Obama.” (Is that like saying you’re not Obama’s bitch?)

In fact, in the same story, he down-plays his role as Majority Leader by saying:

“I understand how close I’ve come to failure a number of times. I’ve done OK,” Reid said. “I’ve never considered myself Johnny Unitas or anything like that. I am just someone the [Democratic] Caucus has selected and they feel comfortable with.”

Well, gosh, Reid, we wouldn’t want you to get excited or anything. Or as my East Coast friend wrote to me in an e-mail today, “Why is Reid such a pussy?” Why indeed?

Why do I get this black feeling deep in my gut telling me that Democrats are just about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? It’s all so depressing. I don’t think this is just my cold talking to me. WHAT IS THE MAJOR MALFUNCTION HERE? WE WON! Now go find your balls (or lady-balls) and stop acting like jerk-offs! America needs you — and I’m not just saying that because of some patriotic knee-jerk. We’re in trouble. Do your fucking jobs!

2 thoughts on “It’s all so depressing

  1. “Why do I get this black feeling deep in my gut telling me that Democrats are just about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?”

    because you know, deep down, that they are not the solution. don’t get me wrong, I voted for obama, but he hasn’t been ruined and/or corrupted by too many years inside the beltway like harry reid has. that piece of shit should retire yesterday.

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