2008 sucked (with one awesome exception). Bring on 2009!

What a fucked-up year it’s been …

  • Best day of 2008: Nov. 4. Yes. We. Can!
  • Other than Obama’s victory, this could be objectively viewed as the Worst Year on Record in America (Bloomberg)
  • Impeach Governor Assclown “GW Jr.” Gibbons already
  • Heartless doctors at Endoscopy Center expose 40,000+ to deadly diseases because of greed and blatant evilness
  • The housing market tanked (especially in Las Vegas where we had a 22-month-straight No. 1 foreclosure ranking in the nation)
  • Gas hit $4 a gallon (and somehow was not the worst news happening)
  • People are still dying in our pointless Middle East wars (more than 4,000 US soldiers have died in Iraq alone)
  • Other year-in-review oddities from the crew at CityLife
  • Bush can’t leave without hurting women and families everywhere, one last time. Can we just have Obama already?
  • Huffington Post lotto wrap-ups
  • National wrap-up (Washington Post)
  • A Random Chick‘s wrap-up (I feel your pain.)

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