Equality rally and march re-cap

Santas at Stand OUT for Equality rally Dec. 13

Santas at Stand OUT for Equality rally Dec. 13

Although it was a cold and blustery day (signs were impossible to hold up in the 25-mph gusts) in Las Vegas, there was a decent turn-out for the Stand OUT for Equality rally and march on Dec. 13. I don’t know the exact count but my guesstimate would put the crowd at around 100-150.There were Santas, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, spoken word artists and the organizer behind the Anti-Gay Las Vegas Blacklist, among others.

The idea behind the protest was to raise awareness about companies that donated money to Prop 8 and other homophobic causes (see the blacklist) and to encourage boycotting those places. According to event organizers, the LGBT community has an estimated $759 billion buying power. Not exactly chump change.

We started at the LGBT Center and marched down to The Boulevard Mall. Things went well for the most part. I only recall being flipped off from one car along the nearly 4 miles to the mall and back. We did have a police presence monitoring us along the way but as far as I know the only thing that came of it was one of our support cars got pulled over.

All-in-all it was great. Next time let’s get even more people out for the cause!

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