Planned Parenthood

Here’s a chance to connect with other local people who think like you. Mainly, that women are autonomous beings and should have the ability to make decisions about what happens to their bodies (including their uteruses), and that such decisions are not evil, and that such decisions (whatever they may be) should be made with the help of doctors not yoked into silence by an ignorant system of rules and laws.

That’s kind of a lot to put on a t-shirt, so how about this? The Planned Parenthood meeting on Dec. 3 at 6 p.m. at the Charleston Health Center, 3220 W. Charleston.


PS: Sorry for lack of posts. I’m on the mend and not quite myself. Still, lotto stuff going on: Hillary for SOS, energy rate hikes by “NVEnergy” formerly Nevada Power and most shocking to me … people were killed during Black Friday shopping! Honestly, what exists inside any store (and theoretical deals attached) that is more valuable and more important than human life?! In case you didn’t know (and I feel like I can’t make assumptions these days) the answer is nothing. Nothing exists that is more valuable. I am disgusted and going back to bed.

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