UMC closes oncology program

Our economy is in the toilet and now the county-run hospital is shutting down it’s cancer ward Dec. 31? Considering that I lost two loved ones to cancer this year, I can’t imagine how devastating this would be to a cancer patient and her/his family.

You know, those with good insurance and those who can afford it will find other care. But what about the low-income, under- and un-insured patients (aka the poor)? They are screwed.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation wants to do something about it:

Dear Komen Supporter,

We need your help today. By now you may be aware University Medical Center (UMC) will be terminating its oncology program as of December 31, 2008; however, we want to ensure that our supporters understand what this will mean to the Southern Nevada community. Current media coverage of this situation, as well as the UMC official statement, provides minimal insight as to how this will impact our community. In reality, hundreds of uninsured and low-income patients receive cancer care at UMC each year. When the oncology program ends, these patients will have nowhere to turn for treatment. Without out-patient oncology services, we see no options and no solutions, only a death sentence for many. Learn more…

We Need Your Help Today – What You Can Do Now

In an effort to provide solutions – and we need these faster than ever imagined – we must ask UMC to keep the out-patient oncology care unit open. The Southern Nevada Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is working with leaders throughout the cancer community in email campaigns, media alerts, letters, and word of mouth to take action now. Contact the County Commissioners who serve as the governing Board for UMC; the County Manager; the CEO and COO of UMC by emailing this statement – contact information is listed below:

Dear County Commissioner,
The closure of the out-patient oncology department at UMC is a catastrophe of epic proportions for our community. As a member of the Governing Board, I urge you to take immediate measures to keep the department open. Please work with the cancer leaders in Southern Nevada to find the solution(s) to this crisis. We cannot allow one person to die because of this decision.

[Your Name]

Contact Information

UMC Governing Board, Clark County Commission
Rory Reid, Chairperson
Bruce Woodbury            
Chip Maxfield                 
Chris Giunchigliani        
Lawrence Weekly          
Susan Brager                 
Tom Collins                    

Virginia Valentine, County Manager

Kathleen Silver, Chief Executive Officer
Brian Brannman, Chief Operating Officer

Additionally, please forward this email to your friends and family, contact your doctors and other public officials and bring attention to this issue before the doors close to cancer care forever.

Decision Already Devastating Lives

Recently, we have had many calls, but would like to share two frustrating and heartbreaking cases that forecast the future of many Southern Nevada residents:

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