It’s the economy, stupid

  • Scary sign that Las Vegas is boned: My friend who gambles a little got offered comped rooms on the Strip for New Year’s Eve. It’s scary because he’s NOT a high-roller. It’s scary because (normally) New Year’s Eve is when Strip hotel rooms are hard to get and cost through the roof. Let me put it this way: It’s like cats and dogs living together … mass hysteria!
  • Nevada needs to over-haul it’s tax structure. For one thing, corporations that move here but have headquarters elsewhere DON’T pay us any taxes — looking at you Walmart, et al. For another, the mining industry pays practically nil, and uh, they make way more than nil. This may be a place to start.
  • Nationally housing prices drop 9 percent and yet the RJ pulls out this story saying Las Vegas (which was the No. 1 foreclosure city in America for nearly TWO YEARS, or 22 months if you’re picky) will rise from the ashes before everyone else. Huh?
  • It always sucks to be poor, but if you’re poor and sick … you’re screwed, especially in Las Vegas. (And on a personal note, it is very frightening that hospitals are choosing not to care for cancer patients. Having lost two loved ones to cancer this year, I can’t imagine getting that news. Cancer sucks enough on it’s own. Have a fucking heart, people.)
  • Automakers want $25 billion or all is lost. Where the hell are we getting billions of dollars for bail-outs? I thought we were broke.
  • The good news is Nevada turnout numbers for the election were just lovely.

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