Lobbying 101, gay rights … what a Saturday!

Yesterday was quite a day for progressive, social justice in Las Vegas! How often do I get a chance to write that sentence?

First we had the Nevada Women’s Lobby “Lobbying 101” workshop in the morning. (Full disclosure: I’m on NWL’s steering committee and helped organized Lobbying 101.) NWL wanted to help people get a better understanding of how different parts of government work and the process of lobbying — especially on the heels of such an exciting and historic election. Nevada’s Legislature starts in a few months so now’s a great time to take our activist energy and turn it into change for Nevada!

We had a GREAT turn-out! Nearly 100 participants showed up for a great workshop! I was especially excited to see so many young people and people of color. I want to personally thank all of the wonderful speakers and panelists as well as our two panel moderators Jon Ralston and Launce Rake. I also want to thank Dunkin Donuts, which gave us a discount on the food for the event. And thanks goes to Elliot, who took our unused left-overs to homeless veterans.

On a personal note, I was happy to see my LGBT friends at the workshop because right after the workshop ended, there was a rally against Prop 8 at the Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada. According to the RJ, the rally boasted 1,000 people! That is an incredible turn-out for Las Vegas and also under such a short time-frame for organizers to get the word out. I am so proud of you, Las Vegas! Love is love!

I am feeling so hopeful that we are in a new day in Las Vegas, and America. This election Nevada went blue and we elected some really progressive people to represent us in government. I am excited to see so many people getting involved and I’m glad to be a small part of that as well.

And I want to give folks a place to give feedback and their thoughts. Did you go to the workshop or the rally? Let me hear it.

One thought on “Lobbying 101, gay rights … what a Saturday!

  1. Thanks and congrats to the Nevada Women’s Lobby for hosting this forum. I personally got a lot out of it. Juliana Ormsby with the NWL was great.
    And with the enormity of the financing issues we face during the session, the timing couldn’t be better. Great job to everyone involved!

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