I’m late; I’m late

No time to say Hello! Goodbye!

  • Yahoo News has already called the election for Obama, sort of. And Nevada goes … blue? Please let it not be a dream.
  • White America spends so much time being afraid of The Black Man that they forget that, in fact, it’s usually whitey going out on a shooting spree — in this case to kill Obama. Skinheads foiled!
  • Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens (the longest serving Republican in Congress) has always been a douche. Now it’s official, seven times over. What was that about Alaska/Main Street values, Gov. Palin?
  • For my Cali friends: Vote no on Prop 8! Marriage discrimination is not a family value!
  • Flights to McCarran Airport fell 13.2 percent last month, the largest yearly decline since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. And it’s also the 11th consecutive month of decline. We’re screwed.

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