Wanted to share Nevada NOW PAC’s endorsements, just in case you need some help with your sample ballot during Early Voting.

General Election Endorsements:
The Nevada NOW PAC is committed to electing progressive candidates who work for women’s rights, lesbian rights, reproductive freedoms, economic justice, eliminating racism, and ending violence against women.

State Supreme Court

State Senate

State Assembly

  • Barbara Buckley – Assembly Speaker, Clark County, District 8
  • Ellen Barre Spiegel – Clark County, District 21 http://electellen.com/
  • Andrew Martin – Clark County, District 13 http://www.martinfornevada.com/
  • Joe Hogan – Clark County, District 10
  • Ellen Koivisto – Clark County, District 14
  • Kathy McClain – Clark County, District 15
  • Shiela Leslie – Washoe County, District 27
  • Debbie Smith – Washoe County, District 30

Clark County Judges

  • Frank Sullivan – Family Division Department O
  • Jonathan MacArthur – Justice of the Peace, North Las Vegas Township Department 3

Candidates We Support:
While we have not endorsed the following candidates, we recommend the following candidates, all of whom have taken pro-women’s rights positions.

Family Court Judges:

  • Gayle Beck Nathan, Department N
  • Bill Henderson, Department R

State Senate:

  • Stephen Horsford – Senate Majority Leader
  • David Parks – Senate, Open Seat


  • Morse Arberry Jr. – Assembly District 7, incumbent
  • Tick Segerblom – Assembly District 9, incumbent
  • Ruben Kihuen – Assembly District 11, incumbent
  • James Ohrenschall – Assembly District 12, incumbent
  • Ellen Koivisto – Assembly District 14, incumbent
  • Kathy McClain – Assembly District 15, incumbent
  • John Oceguera – Assembly District 16, incumbent, Assembly Majority Leader
  • Mark Manendo – Assembly District 18, incumbent
  • David Bobzien – Assembly District 24, incumbent
  • Paul Aizley – Assembly District 41, incumbent

Feel free to print this email out, and bring it with you to the polls on November 4 or during early voting.
To contribute to the Nevada NOW PAC, visit www.NevadaNOWPAC.org

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