The Gods must be crazy

All I can say is WTF?! And if you don’t why, here’s some examples. I’ll meet you in the fall-out shelter…

  • The House rejects $700 billion bailout and the stock market has record drop — larger than the last record drop on Sept. 11 — in mere seconds. So do we start keeping our money in mattresses yet?
  • As mayor of my hometown, Sarah Palin tried to balance the city’s budget on the backs of rape victims. Seriously.
  • Speaking of electeds completely missing the point of something very important to women … did anyone see that Sun story about State Sen. Joe Heck? Gosh, he doesn’t hate women, their autonomy to make decisions about their own bodies or their cervixes (cervi?) … Heck (a doctor, might I add) just thinks that women would stop getting cervical cancer from HPV if they stopped being such big sluts! (At least, that’s how I take the comments he made last legislative session, comparing cervical cancer’s link to HPV and sexual activity to that of smokers and lung cancer.) Because only sluts get HPV and cervical cancer. No matter that this would also include heterosexual women not having sex with their husbands (unless both people were virgins and not victims of sexual assault of any kind before marriage, I guess). Thank the lordy-lord for Nevada NOW’s level-headed response. (PS: My bad for taking so long to write about this, Jess.)
  • Speaking of electoral politics, did you know that in Nevada there are only 5 more days to register to vote (outside of going in person to the elections department)? Remind your friends to register to vote with this nifty e-mail thingy from NOW.
  • And what about this new ruling by US District Judge Philip Pro? The ruling says that a state law requiring petitions to be circulated in all 17 counties is unconstitutional. Very interesting.
  • You know what goes hand-in-hand with civic involvement (like voting)? Education. Last week the county sheriff and school district teamed up to draw the straight line between low graduation rates and high crime rates.
  • And just so I don’t leave you in the fetal position … did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? It’s a cause very close to my heart. Buying fair trade helps women and children in some of the poorest countries, it helps the environment and it helps economies. Coffee, chocolate, bananas and flowers are the top products where fair trade can make an impact. It’s the ultimate chance to “vote with your dollars.”

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