Alaska: It’s own country?

Remember how I said that there are some kooky politics in Alaska? And remember how I said that one such kooky politic is the Alaska Independence Party, which seeks to secede from the United States and become its own country? Yeah, what I forgot to say is that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who just happens to be the Republican vice presidential nominee, has deep ties to that party — her husband is registered AIP. (She gave a speech at their state convention as recently as six months ago!)

If you ask me — and trust me, nobody’s asking me — this is sooo much more juicy and relevant than her knocked-up teen daughter or that Palin was once a beauty queen or that she was in Vogue. A pregnant daughter and being “hot” aren’t exactly deal-breakers in my book. But participating in and supporting a political party that seeks to leave the union? Yeah, I’m thinking that’s a big deal.

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