It’s heating up

“People say, ‘Well, if they don’t care, why should I care?’ I say, ‘If I don’t care, why should anyone care?'”

That’s one of my favorite quotes. It comes from a Bouncing Souls song (“Joe Lies”). It’s sort of like my mantra against apathy. How can I expect someone else to care if I don’t? How can I expect someone else to get involved, volunteer, contribute, donate or otherwise engage if I am not doing the same? Words to live by.

So in that spirit, let me invite you to get involved (and/or donate). Of course, I’m biased — I’d love all Sin City Siren readers to plug in to their community through PLAN. But there are a lot of great orgs in our community doing great work. Just do it!

Okay, I’ll get off my community activist/organizer soapbox … and climb onto my righteous indignation soapbox:

  • In awesome local event news — check out the Univision concert tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 p.m. at the Rio VooDoo lounge. It’s being brought to you by a coalition of local and national orgs including PLAN, Sierra Club, NRDC and others. Meet-and-greet in the bowling alley at 6 p.m. Register to vote, get info on local orgs and enjoy some good music (in Spanish).
  • Obama mathematically clinches the nomination. Clinton floating idea of VP slot. That’s going to be an awkward phone call. But just speaking as a news junkie, I’m going to revel in the change of the news cycle. Aren’t we all a little tired of the nomination countdown story? Maybe it’s just me.
  • An initiative to ban same-sex marriage has qualified for the November ballot in CA. Just in time for PRIDE month and to mobilize the conservative base no doubt.
  • Speaking of PRIDE — The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada is sponsoring a lot of fun stuff, including a calendar of events through the library district and bingo (June 9).
  • Just a friendly reminder about water use in this desert of ours: It’s summer, people. Switch your watering times to night already! Don’t make me come to your house and kick you in the shin (ala those funny SNWA ads). Also, according to my handy SNWA newsletter, the Las Vegas Valley turf replacement program ($1.50 per sq-ft.) has reached the 100 million square feet milestone! That’s a savings of more than 18 billion gallons of water. Sweet!
  • The United Coalition for Immigrants Rights has an online petition to lobby Nevada senators to reintroduce the DREAM Act.


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