Distracted by sparkly objects

  • Marching for the Dream Act: march @ 3 p.m. Friday, May 23 on Eastern in front of Valley HS.
  • Reason-based musings on using public transportation and, you know, changing your lifestyle because of rising gas prices.
  • I really like NYT writer Andrew Martin’s food-related articles. And when I say food, I mean the food chain, hunger, distribution of food and the like. Not restaurant/foodie reviews. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Sunday’s story about food waste in the United States was particularly interesting. On average, American waste 27 percent of food available for consumption. Does anyone else think there’s something sick about that when there’s rioting and starvation going on in other countries because of drastic food shortages related to drastic oil prices? We can’t even feed our own poor because food pantries are running out of food, but as a country we are so glutinous of resources that we willingly throw away more than a quarter of our food stuffs?! Yowza!
  • Interesting punditry on the California Supreme Court ruling about same-sex marriage.

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