Local feminist activist needs help

I am so sad to find about about this. Local feminist activist Evelyn Flores and two members of her family were attacked and robbed. Her mother and brother were severely beaten.

In my years as a reporter in Las Vegas I had many opportunities to interview and talk with Evelyn. She is a bright, activist star in the community. She is incredibly inspirational.

I just hate it when bad things happen to good people.

Here’s the letter Anita Revilla posted on Myspace:

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, one of our fellow activists and her family were robbed and physically attacked. Her mother, Chayo, and brother, Paco, were severely beaten. As Evelyn and her family were walking from their car to their home, a group of 3 attacked them and took their possessions. Furthermore, the money for their rent and bills for this month was taken. The family is very distressed and is in need of help.

We are working together and taking up a collection/contributions to help them. If you are interested in helping (with whatever you can) or would like to contact Evelyn, please email her at florese@nevada.edu, or on myspace.

Please re-post this, and if you are interested in contributing to helping Evelyn get through these hard times, please contact her or if you would like to make a contribution, she has a mailbox on the second floor of the Women’s Studies department (the casita).

Thank you,

Anita Revilla

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