Fag Bug turns 1, gets spiffy new look

It’s a time of anniversaries. On May 6, The Sin City Siren turns 1. I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year.

And know what else has turned one recently? Erin Davies’ Fag Bug.

Remember the Fag Bug? Here’s the recap for the rusty: Last April Erin’s grey VW Bug was vandalized with homophobic slurs because of a small rainbow sticker on the back of her car. But instead of retreat, which would be only natural, Erin decided to use the hate crime as a catalyst for a bold cross-country trek. She left the car as it was — giant red “fag” and “U R gay” and all — and drove to cities all over America, including Las Vegas on July 26-27, in order to talk about hate crimes. (As regular readers will remember, The Siren’s first official activist event was organizing the local leg of the Fag Bug tour. It was an incredibly moving and rewarding experience. I’d do again in a heart beat!)

Now The Fag Bug is one year old and has a new look. The car looks fantastic! I bet there will be a lot of people getting their VWs painted in rainbow themes after this! 🙂

“Fag Bug has become much more than when it started. And to be able to transform it into something positive, rather than have people look at my car and be upset and hurt, I’d rather they look and see how bright the colors are, see something fun and playful instead of something hurtful,” Davies told WNYT.

I am so proud of Erin Davies and her amazing journey! In fact, I’m honored to know Erin and to have helped contribute to her adventure last year. (At the time of the Las Vegas events — co-hosted by The Siren, the HRC’s then-new group Women’s Empowerment Network, the Las Vegas Lesbians, The Center and others — Erin said that we had the best organized and highest turn-out of any event!)

In further update news, Erin is editing footage from her cross-country trip (perhaps she’ll use some of her Vegas footage) for a documentary about her experience and those of other victims of hate crimes. And she is writing a book in between speaking engagements at college campuses around the country.


3 thoughts on “Fag Bug turns 1, gets spiffy new look

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