SWAN Day line-up

The Women Empowerment Network’s SWAN Day line-up has been released and it includes Lady LUST and Love Pentagon. As you probably already know, this free event on March 29 at the Freakin’ Frog is an all-day arts festival designed to promote female artists.

Full line-up is after the jump …

11:00 am   Performer     Lu Torres

11:30 am   Film             “Behind Closed Minds” by Carol Beinhorn

11:40 am   Artist            Sharon Gainsburg

12:00 pm   Performer     Sassy Lady

12:30 pm   Film             “Fractured” by Carol Beinhorn

12:40 pm   Artist            Teresa Testa

1:00 pm     Performer    Audrei-Kairen

1:30 pm     Film             “The Master Bath” by Jessie Lorraine Kuntz

1:40 pm     Artist           Man Hue Duong & Amanda Farrar

2:00 pm     Performer    Barbara Grant

2:30 pm     Film             “Two-Face” by Vickie Maliagros

2:40 pm     Artist           Trish Powers & Laraine Kaizer

3:00 pm     Performer    Laraine Kaizer-Viazovtsev

3:30 pm     Film             “Track the Void” by Catherine Borg

3:40 pm     Artist           Suzanne Leclair & Carol Patterson

4:00 pm     Performer    Artikulate

4:30 pm     Film             “The Master Bath” by Jessie Lorraine Kuntz

4:40 pm     Artist           Donielle Bradshaw & Grace Ann Morgan

5:00 pm     Performer    Shelly Lynn & Maythinee Washington

5:30 pm     Film             “Two-Face” by Vickie Maliagros

5:40 pm     Artist           Lisa Bedov & Mariela Hernandez

6:00 pm     Performer    Veronica Lopez

6:30 pm     Film             “Tracking the Void” by Catherine Borg

6:40 pm     Artist           Sigrid Brunel & Rachelle Quach

7:00 pm     Performer    Lady L.U.S.T.

7:30 pm     Artist           Beti Kristof & Helen Murphy

8:00 pm     Performer    Love Pentagon

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