80s Part II

I am convinced we are living in the 1980s, Part II. I know there are no new ideas, but this has got to stop!

Here’s my proof, in no particular order (feel free to offer your own evidence in comments):

  • There’s a Bush in the White House
  • There’s an American-led war in the Middle East
  • Recession
  • The bottom dropping out of the housing market
  • Freaking out about the environment (remember the hole in the ozone layer?)
  • Gas price gouging/availability issues
  • Tax cuts for the rich; the poor get kicks in the face
  • For the first time in 8 years there’s a geniune chance that a progressive Democrat could take the White House and voters are energized
  • In fashion: leggings, leg warmers, neon, really unflattering clothing shapes (come on, baggy tops with baggy bottoms?), jeans with zippers at the ankles, technicolored leather jackets with zippers, blue eyeliner, message tees (as in Frankie says Relax) … what’s next? Scrunchies?!
  • Rumored New Kids on the Block reunion
  • Sequels of Rambo, Rocky, Indiana Jones, Nightmare on Elm Street, et al
  • resurgence of horror movie genre in general
  • nighttime soaps (Dynasty, please meet Desperate Housewives)
  • TV show remakes (Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, American Gladiators)
  • Paula Abdul has a new video
  • Scott Baio is on television
  • Transformers movie, Strawberry Shortcake resurgence, GI Joe, et al

— E

2 thoughts on “80s Part II

  1. It’s the one decade that should never be repeated. But I completely agree. The most bizarre part, is not only have leggings and other 80s fashion trends returned, I swear they are the exact replica of what I used to own. Were they just in a stockroom somewhere, and someone suddenly had the bright idea to throw them back on the shelves? Now, if portable curling irons and economy size bottles of Rave hairspray inch their way back in, I think I’m just going to make a mixed tape and call it a day.

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