Time out

Sick with a heinous cold or something. I love you all but my head hurts. Do me a favor — if you have an upcoming event you want plugged, just stick it in the comments section of this post. Or start a discussion amongst yourselves (might I point out there’s an interesting one going on in the comments of the Juno post). This also goes for those who wish there was a post about something I haven’t gotten to. Go for it! The comments podium is all yours!

— E

2 thoughts on “Time out

  1. Anyone checked out the Cheesecake and Crime place by Trader Joe’s in Henderson? (the one on Eastern).

    It’s apparently a bakery and mystery novel shop owned and operated by a couple of women.


  2. if you care about family planning, please take action on the following:

    Concerned community members,

    Many of you know that funding is decreasing for the Family Planning and Teen Health Mall programs, and there is threat of discontinuing these clinical services. More details are as follows:

    With the ongoing economic down-turn, clinical services at the Washoe County District Health Department will be cut back. Current proposals would greatly reduce the amount of local dollars spent on the Family Planning (FP) and Teen Health Mall (THM) programs. Despite this huge loss, the clinics would be able to maintain lower levels of services with money received from the federal government through the Title X program.
    As an additional affront to the program, a meeting has been scheduled between the Washoe County Board of Health (BOH) and Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to discuss the Title X federal funds and the possibly of no longer accepting this money. If a decision were made not to accept this federal Title X grant there would be no Family Planning or Teen Health Mall programs at the Health Department.

    We are asking that you share your feelings of support for these programs with the BOH and BCC. See below for details about the BOH and BCC meeting where discussions regarding these programs will take place and how you can voice your support for FP and THM services:

    The BOH and BCC will have a joint meeting on February 26th at 1:00 pm in the Commissioners Chambers in Bldg A of the County Complex
    At this meeting Title X funding and the programs it supports will be discussed (Title X is the federal funding that supports the FP and THM programs at the health dept). There are three ways to support the FP and THM programs:
    Letters from supporting agencies and individuals to the BOH & BCC stating support for the FP/THM services and programs – see attached for letter template & ideas. Please tailor letters to reflect the individual/agency support of the program. These letters should be sent to Rita Lencioni at Washoe County Manager’s Office; P.O. Box 11130; Reno, NV 89520; or by e-mail at rlencioni@washoecounty.us. Note: Letters need to be received by Friday Feb 15 in order to be included in the packets of information send to board members.
    Individual e-mails sent to the county commissioners. E-mail address of the commissioners can be found on the county website by clicking on the picture of each commissioner (http://www.co.washoe.nv.us/bcc). E-mails to Board of Health members can be sent through Janet Smith (jsmith@washoecounty.us) or to the individual BOH members themselves (addresses attached). Ideas for e-mail content may be garnered from the attachment for letter ideas.
    Presenting in person at the meeting during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. If you are interesting in making a public comment at the meeting on the 26th please contact Stacy Hardie (328-2444 or shardie@washoecounty.us) ASAP. The length of the meeting is only 1 hour and each person is limited to 3 minutes of comments. Attempts are being made to be strategic and use the limited time to our best interest. Hopes are that there will be representation from clients, teens, school district supporters, community supporters, those who expect to see the fall-out of reduced services, etc.
    There will also be a BOH meeting on Thursday February 28th at 1:00 in which there is also a need for support through public comment. Again, if you are willing and able to speak at either of these meetings contact Stacy Hardie (328-2444 or shardie@washoecounty.us) ASAP for more details.

    Many people in the community recognize the benefit of the services that these programs offer to populations in Washoe County. Any support you can offer towards these programs is appreciated.

    P.S. If you can’t attend, but want to add your two cents, please please write an email to the Washoe County Commissioners (email: rlencioni@washoecounty.us) by this Friday (2/15). Emails sent to that address by Friday will go into packets that the Commissioners and Board will get before the meeting on the 26th.

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