News on the war on plastic bags

Great news! On Tuesday Whole Foods announced it will completely do away with plastic bags at its 250+ stores by Earth Day. The store will encourage folks to bring in their own reusable bags and will still make recyclable paper bags available upon request. According to the Nevada Conservation League, Americans throw away 100 million plastic bags a year. And according to the Sierra Club, only 1% of all plastic bags get recycled.

Need suggestions on some functional, awesome bags? Say no more:

  • I have three Greenfeet bags and they are great. The thin yet sturdy vinyl collapses into an easy to carry pouch that can clip on your purse or belt.
  • You can also help out your favorite cause(s) by purchasing canvas bags that help those orgs, since many are offering them these days. I like the Body Shop’s canvas bag that gives money to domestic violence prevention programs.
  • The World Food Programme “Feed” bag is not only reusable, but the cost of the bag feeds a child in school for one year in the program.
  • And there’s a bunch of great ones in this post by She’s A Betty.
  • And if all else fails, you can always do what I first did when I stopped using plastic bags — just use an old tote bag (that’s mine in the picture above).

— E

4 thoughts on “News on the war on plastic bags

  1. I just got some great re-useable grocery bags for xmas. They’re from a company called chico. They’re apparently made from recycled bags — they look like nylon — and they fold up to fit in your purse or pocket. And the come with those great carabiner (sp?) clips so you can hook it to your cart while your shopping so you don’t forget you have them.

  2. Also, the Las Vegas Sun sells the canvas bags their reporters get at conventions in its annual Sun Camp Fund online fundraiser. Some of these bags are super sturdy. I have a few that are awesome for shopping. (when I don’t forget them).

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