To caucus, to caucus

Well kids, it’s almost here. Tomorrow is the big CaucusFest. Are you ready? Actually, I have a little confession to make. I’m not ready either.

But lucky for me, all the organizations, candidates and other such entities who have been filling up my e-mail in-box lately have sent me an insurmountable amount of information today. Frankly, about half-way through my eyes glazed over. I’m going to have to save the rest of those e-mails for later. (But not before I let you know today’s tally so far is Clinton: 8 10, Obama: 0 2.)

However … before I shut down the e-mail command center I did get some useful information out of the whole mess. In fact, for me, the hands-down winner of Most Useful Caucus-Related E-mail goes to Planned Parenthood, which not only had a link to a handy website, but links to Democrat and Republican websites for easy caucus-info/precinct finding enjoyment. Kudos Planned Parenthood! You win nothing, of course, but it’s the thought that counts. BTW, close second goes to Nevada NOW.

A breakdown of info I found useful, plus handy links, after the jump.

— Emmily

From Planned Parenthood:

Saturday, January 19th, Nevadans will caucus for presidential candidates who prioritize reproductive health and will submit the “Protect Women’s Health” resolution at their precinct caucuses.

Come to our Kickoff Breakfast Rally at our Charleston Health Center from 8am – 10am the morning of the Caucus, where you pick up a Caucus Kit and learn more. After the Caucus attend our Roe 35th Anniversary Celebration and Caucus Debrief lunch at the UNLV Student Union from 1-3pm. Please RSVP so we can provide enough food.

Not sure how the Democratic and Republican caucuses work? Check out our Planned Parenthood Presidential Caucus 411. Download your copy from our website:

Where is my caucus location? Your caucus location is determined by your precinct. You can look up your caucus location at the following sites:



From Nevada Conservation League:

One important way to fully use your voice is to submit resolutions on important conservation issues. The conservation community is looking at two resolutions to submit at both the Democratic and Republican caucuses.

The first resolution asks local, state and federal officials to tread carefully on Nevada’s fragile water and land resources, and carefully – and independently – analyze the impacts of large-scale rural-to-urban water transfers before going ahead with those plans on the drawing boards. The resolution does not stop the process, but it does say we should carefully consider those impacts beforehand.

The second resolution states that coal plants that import pollution and impact Nevada’s air quality while depleting our precious water resources are bad for Nevada and should be opposed.

To download the water resolution(s), visit our water page

To download the coal plant resolution, visit our coal page

From Nevada NOW:

Nevada NOW resolutions are ready for you to take to the caucus. You don’t have to speak about the resolutions, you can simply submit them to the caucus chair. These resolutions help shape the platform of political parties, and are very important for that reason. Nevada NOW has resolutions on: (in no specific order) the Iraq War, Women’s Health Care and Reproductive Rights, Equal Pay, Women in Afghanistan, Coal Power Plants, Immigration, and Education.

Please take with you the resolutions you would like to see your party adopt.
You can download a full copy of these resolutions for the Democratic Party here:

You can download a full copy of these resolutions for the Republican Party here:

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