The Siren gets a national shout-out

The humble Sin City Siren gets a mention in Morra Aaron‘s (you might know her from CNN punditry) political post on BlogHer!

Here’s what I said:

Even as close as we are to the caucus, I still can’t get a sense of who will be going to this thing. As in, from the masses, regular folks and all that.

If my e-mail in-box is any indication, Clinton will beat Obama 10-1 by sheer volume of e-mails her team sends out over his. (I’ve started keeping a daily tally on my blog.) And it seems like this is true of the mass-media buy-in as well. I see Dem ads all over the place, but where are the Republicans? So far I’ve seen a Ron Paul ad, scary in and of itself.

I have to admit my perspective is not impartial. I’m a liberal, a feminist and an environmentalist. According to the groups I’m hearing from, Planned Parenthood is going to blanket the caucus with a 1,000 volunteers dressed in hot-pink t-shirts and armed with pro-women and reproductive rights agendas. And that would be a beautiful thing to me. Meanwhile, I’m not sure if the pro-environment crowd, who made some noise at the debates last night (in red t-shirts) to raise the issue of global warming, will have a presence at the caucus.

In fact, I’m noticing a theme. Maybe the only certain winners of the Nevada caucuses will be t-shirt companies. But I get the feeling it’s going to be a little like the first assembly in high school where nobody knows what the hell is going on or what to do. This should be interesting!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think and what’s on your mind regarding the upcoming caucus on Saturday.

— Emmily

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