Green is the word

If you haven’t put the Nevada Conservation League blog on your regular Internet reading list, I really recommend it. Erin does a great job of finding good nuggets of information and giving you everything you need to do something with the info you’ve just gotten.

Take yesterday’s post. In one post she talked about bans in other states going into effect this year on mercury in makeup. (Gross!) I didn’t even know makeup was allowed to have any mercury in it. Just shows what I know.

Then she has a nice segment on the EPA’s new initiative to get folks to recycle their old cell phones and electronics. A growing, and good trend. (Although, I can’t resist mentioning here that another good use for old cell phones is donating them to victims of domestic violence through the Call to Protect program.)

Finally, Erin writes about an issue all Siren readers know is close to my heart — ending our country’s dependence on stupid plastic shopping bags! Not only does it help the environment, it also reduces our dependence on foreign oil. (14 plastic bags = enough gas to power a car for a mile) Several countries have banned them including Taiwan, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and Bangladesh. Now you can add China to that growing list. China’s ban is expected save 37 million barrels of oil!

So, in short, this post’s for you Erin! Your blog is super-sweet!

— Emmily

One thought on “Green is the word

  1. Well thank you very much Emmily! When Scot asked if I wanted to start a blog for the League, I was kind of scared because I am NOT an environmental expert. But then again, neither are most people, so I figured it would be ok. I am glad you’re able to make use of the information I post!

    I’d like to give a shout out to your blog too. While you and I are definitely on the same page about the environment, feminism and social justice issues, it’s always interesting to read about these issues from your perspective. Please keep up the good work!!

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