We’re off and rambling in ’08

While not technically the first post of the New Year, this will certainly be my first post with any discernable feminist outrage. (Admit it, you missed me!)

Here I go, in no particular order:

  • Damned if this article in the January Elle (forgive me, it was an impulse buy in the Seattle airport) doesn’t make me stop and reconsider my position on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. I’ve been more concerned that people would think my vote is strictly based on having the same genitalia as Clinton, but this article rounds up some convincing arguments about why worrying about that is worse than voting against her because she has a vagina. If nothing else, gave me food for thought on the plane ride home.
  • Somehow during my mass-consumer-holiday-orgy I missed any coverage of this (if it actually got any): Did anyone hear about the anti-choice activists protesting the Planned Parenthood under construction in Colorado? Apparently, activists have taken to picketing the homes of the construction workers building the new clinic. A new low, indeed!
  • Here’s an interesting tidbit: While home in Anchorage over the holidays I had a conversation with a friend who works for the Anchorage School District’s maintenance department. He said that their school district has flown people to Las Vegas to study how the Clark County School District is doing things right (for once!) when it comes to energy efficiency. Nice!
  • There’s a Green Drinks mixer scheduled for Jan. 8 (from 6-7:30 p.m.) at McMullin’s Irish Pub, 4650 W. Trop. I haven’t been to one yet, but I’ve heard from Natalie and others that this is a great way to meet other peeps who care about the environment.
  • Speaking of green bits, ran across an item on the Nevada Conservation League’s blog. Apparently, many shipping stores (FedEx, et al) will take your shipping peanuts off your hands to reuse. Good to know considering all the shipping that happens over the holidays.

— Emmily

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