For the procrastinators: Eco-friendly gifts for young and old

With less than a week to go before Christmas there’s still time to find gifts with an eco-friendly message or have less environmental impact on the earth.

  • How about the children’s book When Santa Turned Green by Victoria Perla? Bonus: Available at FAO Schwartz, a dollar from the sale of each book is donated to charities that help the environment.
  • For the music fan: For every song downloaded through Tunes for Trees (an offshoot of iTunes) a tree is planted.
  • How about recycled gifts, like coasters made from old records? Or an aluminum holiday wreath made from old traffic signs? Pretty cool.
  • Sustainable bamboo kitchen stuff.
  • Conscience Tees allow you to share your spunk and views with the world and still be cool.
  • For the dog lover: Biodegradable bags to scoop the poop. Since regular plastic bags can take decades to biodegrade in a landfill, these corn-based bags that degrade in 45 days are a great idea and a practical gift.
  • Got a loved one with a Starbucks addiction? Give ’em a “cup coat,” a cute and reusable cup cozy that replaces all those cardboard cozies that keep the java warm.
  • Do you have a loved one who is well-intentioned but clueless about the environment? Or perhaps, s/he wants to get involved but doesn’t know where to start? The GreenSender starter box is a fun way to get the eco-ball rolling.
  • EcoExpress has some lovely gift baskets.
  • Or how about the tried and true eco-gift: Reusable shopping bags and reusable water bottles (such as a Nalgene bottle). Classics never go out of style.

— Emmily

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