Green Dry Cleaning comes to Las Vegas

I have a brand new thing to be grateful for today. There is a new, locally owned, organic dry cleaners now in Las Vegas! I’m so happy about it I’m willing to plug it on the blog for nothing in return. It’s owned by this sweet couple who have been in the dry cleaning business for years and decided to totally revamp their business to be more ecologically friendly. What makes this awesome is that green dry cleaners don’t use the toxic chemicals of traditional cleaners and are therefore better for the environment and for you.

Check it out: It’s on South Eastern (9555 S. Eastern, #100) in the strip mall between Silverado Ranch and Serene. It’s on the west side of the street.

— Emmily

9 thoughts on “Green Dry Cleaning comes to Las Vegas

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  4. You fools, just because they say its green, that does not mean is organic(there isn’t such thing as an organic cleaners) i am third generation cleaners, and “green cleaners” uses df2000 a solvent that is made out of petrolium. Up to right now the only prominsing technology is solvair, and this technology is too expensive for you ingrates that hate to pay more than 5 dollar for a garment, because jo schmuck down the streeet charges 1.75 please do some research before you endorse someone with “organic”

  5. Any word on maybe getting something like this on the West side of Las Vegas? This is fabulous news but I can’t use more gas that hurt the environment just to take advantage.

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