Before it’s too late …

Here’s some stuff coming up that you and/or the kiddies could get involved in:

  • It’s always a good time to talk about Banned Book awareness and Halloween really seems to bring it out in people. After J.K. Rowling outed one of her characters, Christians and conservatives have rallied to ban Harry Potter books. Likewise, one Long Beach High School principal instituted a ban on Halloween costumes because of the Captain Underpants books. As far as I’m concerned, whenever there is discussion of banning a book it’s wrong.
  • If you’re under 18 and looking for some fun, the Trendz youth group is sponsoring a Halloween party (with candy AND condoms) at the Walnut Rec Center. Sweet! Prizes awarded at the costume contest, too. (Must have a valid school ID to enter.)
  • This Saturday (Nov. 3) is the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada’s honorarium event. Tickets for the Gold Coast event are $100 and the after-party is at Krave.
  • A Suicide Prevention Walk is scheduled on Nov. 10 at Lorenzi Park. The Las Vegas Out of the Dark 5K is a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This will be one of 100 Out of the Darkness walks taking place across the country this fall. Considering that Nevada has one of the highest suicide rates in the country, it seems a fitting thing to work to lower that rate.

— Emmily

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