“Clean coal” is a lie, and they know it

Got this press release from Erin McCarty over at the Nevada Conservation League and couldn’t resist sharing.—Emmily

Sierra Pacific Chief Executive Officer Michael Yackira stated yesterday on Face to Face with Jon Ralston that “clean coal” technology does not exist, and that adding carbon to the atmosphere should be avoided.


“There is no such thing today as clean coal technology. There is cleaner coal in comparison to other coal plants, even ones that we have in our system,” said Yackira. “We believe that less carbon in the air is a good thing for the environment, and we are foursquare behind that.”


However, despite the devastating effects coal-fired power plants have on both public health and the environment, Yackira and Sierra Pacific are still pushing to build the $3.8 billion 1500-megawatt Ely Energy Center, which will emit an estimated 10.4 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

What’s more, Yackira’s former employer, electric power provider FPL Group Inc., announced today that it plans to invest $2.4 billion in solar thermal energy programs over the next several years as part of the company’s focus on renewable energy.


Instead of pushing for old, dirty technology, Yackira should follow FPL Group Inc.‘s lead and invest in the energy technology of the future, not the past. By utilizing Nevada’s abundant solar, geothermal and wind resources and promoting energy conservation, Sierra Pacific can meet our energy needs today without consequences for the future.

One thought on ““Clean coal” is a lie, and they know it

  1. Thanks for posting this! It’s baffling that Sierra Pacific and Mr. Yackira are still pushing coal. His former employer (who also employed Sierra Pacific Senior VP Roberto Denis) is on the right track by supporting clean energy like solar thermal power. It’s too bad these men aren’t as forward-thinking as their former employer…although promoting solar over coal in NEVADA doesn’t seem like rocket science, does it?

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