The Downtown Sporty Arts District, doesn’t quite have the same ring

Did anyone else see the news clip yesterday of Mayor Oscar Goodman calling downtown a piece crap? I’m not one for watching TV news, but I happened by it while channel surfing.

That seems like a fine pat on the back for those folks toiling for the past three years to build a Downtown Arts District! What an ass! (And that’s him posing with Cindy Funkhauser above at the inaugural First Friday, which he declared “the best thing to ever happen to Las Vegas.”)

As an idea, I’m not against a sports arena. I’m not against a sports arena in Las Vegas, even. But I’d have to say that next to Goodman’s anti-homeless agenda, this whole sports arena downtown scenario couldn’t be handled in a worse way. For one, why does the arena have to gobble up a good portion of the arts district? There’s plenty of other feasible property around if the city’s just looking to knock down some old buildings. Why do the tax payers have to be on the hook for paying for the arena? And why do we need an arena before we even have the committment of a major league team? (Because from what I read over at Nevada Today, it doesn’t sound like a gimme.)

I have an idea. How about instead of forcing a sports arena down tax payers throats and killing off the Downtown Arts District, we take that money and put it into things like ending homelessness in Las Vegas, improving downtown buildings and decreasing crime in the area. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Oh, and maybe we could get West Las Vegas a grocery store while we’re at it.

One thought on “The Downtown Sporty Arts District, doesn’t quite have the same ring

  1. These are the kind of questions I’d expect a bomb-throwing commie pinko liberal like you to ask. Second, why not kill two birds with one stone and house the homeless in a sports arena?

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