Use your anger – call your senators today

Just got an e-mail from the Human Rights Campaign. Looks like the legislation that would include sexual orientation in the federal hate crimes bill may be going to a vote in the Senate this week.

Don’t let the conservative Christian haters frame the message. Call your senators today! Here’s what HRC had to say:

Breaking news: the Senate will likely vote on the Matthew Shepard Act as early as this week. And right now, your Senators’ phone lines are filling up with messages like this one:

“[The Matthew Shepard Act] will be used to fund anti-Christian, pro-homosexual/drag queen materials for children – and divert scarce federal resources away from fighting Islamic terrorism.”

Anti-gay groups like the Family Research Council and the Traditional Values Coalition – who invented that ridiculous lie – have mobilized a dangerously misinformed grassroots army. If we don’t call right now, critical votes COULD BE LOST to these scare tactics.


Neither Sen. Ensign nor Sen. Reid has declared their support for the Matthew Shepard Act. You’re calling to urge them both to vote YES.

  1. For Sen. Ensign, call (202) 224-6244.
    Then, for Sen. Reid, call (202) 224-3542.
  2. For each office, tell the staffer who answers:
  • As a constituent, and a supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, I hope the Senator will vote YES on the Matthew Shepard Act (S. 1105).
  • I hope the Senator understands that this bill does NOT threaten free speech or weaken the Constitution.
  • This bill would only apply to violent attacks based on the victim’s gender, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.
  • It would also provide funding to help law enforcement agencies investigate and prosecute violent hate crimes.
  • This legislation has been endorsed by over 230 civic, religious, and law enforcement organizations.
  • I hope the Senator will do the right thing and vote YES on S. 1105 when it comes to a vote.
  1. Click here to tell Human Rights Campaign how your calls went. Please don’t skip this step – this information will help us know whose vote we can really count on.

The radical right knows the Matthew Shepard Act is a real step toward tolerance in America. They find that so infuriating, they’ll stop at nothing to bring it down – even if it means calling lawmakers to spread anger fueled by lies.  

We cannot allow our Senators to be intimidated, misled, or swayed by an extremist minority. Thank you for making your calls, and thank you for being a voice of reason today.


Joe Solmonese

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