Help out your LGBT family

Just got word about the Nevada Public Benefit Board hearing tomorrow (Wed.) about domestic partner benefits. A member of the local HRC told me that as of earlier today, the e-mail traffic to the board was 100% against voting to approve domestic partner benefits. While we may have a nasty law in this state that disciminates against same-sex couples when it comes to marriage, we have a chance to help families of public employees at least get the benefits they deserve! (It’s a small step, but we’ve got to take all the ones we can get!)
If you want to e-mail in your support for domestic partner benefits for public employees, you can do so to this address: Board@peb.state.

And if you have the time, why not stop by the state board hearing tomorrow and let them see you as real people, with real families just like everyone else. It’s much harder to act like this doesn’t matter, or to only hear the bigotry of the other side if those in favor of the change don’t show up.

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