Admit it, you want another Fag Bug update

Good news kids! Things are rolling along pretty well with the Fag Bug tour project.

I’ve gotten in touch with a major LGBTQ organization and I think with their resources, volunteers and enthusiasm, we may just get a visit from the Fag Bug in July! The member I spoke with said they are looking for new events to get behind right now and they are really interested in the Fag Bug for its message about homophobia and hate speech. If this works out, this will be a major stress relief for me because I am new to the whole event planning thing and I have no idea what I’m doing. In an ideal world, they can use their skills at event planning and I can use my skills working with the media and everything will rock on.

My other new development is that I have been talking with someone I know at a major Strip casino and we may be able to get Erin (0wner of the Fag Bug) a room for free while she’s here! This will be awesome if it comes through because Erin has never been to Vegas and I think staying on the Strip is so much more glam and nice than my little ol’ futon.

Sorry to be secretive about the details but I want to wait until committments are made before I give anyone credit for helping to make this happen. So far I have been just going blind on this by myself and I am really excited to be getting some help. And I don’t care who gets credit for bringing the Fag Bug to Las Vegas as long as it gets here. I appreciate everyone’s generosity and encouragement. Things have been wild in my personal life lately, so it gets overwhelming at times.

PS: Erin has put a link on her page for people to be able to donate directly to her fund for the road trip this summer. I am working on creating a button to put on the right-hand side of this blog (anyone with HTML skills, please contact me!) but until then please use this link to help her out.

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