Goody Bag

As always, there are more things happening in the world than there is time to blog or talk about it. But I don’t want to let these things completely slide off the map without a mention.

  • Forgotten Voice, the newspaper for the homeless (started by a feminist alum of the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada’s NEW Leadership program), is having the best and worst of times and can certainly use your help and support. The four-month-old paper has managed to pull together the $750 to file for non-profit status but that has left them seriously depleted. They are asking the community for donations in order to get their next edition out. You can contact them through their website for details.
  • Clark County has launched a summer feeding program for needy kids in the valley. The program will offer the free meals to children at six community centers: Cambridge (455-7169), Paradise (455-7513), Parkdale (455-8502), Sunrise (455-7600), Walnut (455-8402) and Whitney(455-7576). Contact the specific community centers for more details.
  • Did anybody see that yesterday Philly declared itself a pro-choice city? That’s seriously awesome. What say we make Las Vegas the next pro-choice city in America?

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